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source link Actors, models and performers that wish to pursue a career in Reality TV should apply to our services on the Applications page.

source site Our agents are extremely busy with assessing the large numbers of applications that we receive every day. That is why we reserve the right to select our talents. Only the best applications will be taken into consideration.

If you are one of the best candidates, one of our talent agents will contact you within three working days with an update on your situation. As soon as opportunities that fit your profile come to the attention of our agents, you will receive them in your inbox.

Our talent have starred in...


Casting Hill has proudly cast background actors and main actors in the most popular plastic surgery Reality TV show in the US.


We have helped new talents to appear on the screen with these five hot Las Vegas guys in an 'extremely rare and uncensored look' in a Gigolo's life.

Cupcake Wars

Cupcake Wars is an amazingly delicious show on the Food Network where we've guided several models and actors that collaborate with Casting Hill.

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